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How Reinforced Plastic Sheeting is Used in Construction

2022-12-09 18:03:37

Reinforced plastic sheeting is an extremely durable material that is a very valuable asset on construction sites. The flexibility of use allows it to be used for simple barriers as well as for more intense protection like erosion control. Not only does this material keep your site organized, it also helps project managers keep public safety and building codes a high priority. Here are the optimal uses for reinforced plastic sheeting on your job site for any of your current or upcoming projects. 


What Is Reinforced Plastic Sheeting?

Reinforced plastic sheeting is a string reinforced poly sheeting made by laminating layers of virgin high strength polyethylene with a heavy-duty scrim reinforcement between the layers. This process creates a strong film offering excellent tear resistance that will last much longer than construction-grade poly. 


What Are the Best Uses On Construction Sites?

Although reinforced plastic sheeting has many uses on a construction site, there are several key projects this material thrives on.



During construction, there are many areas that need to be protected throughout the length of a project. This could mean sectioning off a small area needed during a remodel or even separating an entire building. No matter the size of the space, the reinforced plastic sheeting protects areas from all elements, including dust and debris from adjacent areas. Fire retardant versions of this material also ensure that your project stays in line with fire safety requirements


Vapor Barriers

Containing moisture on certain projects like crawl space encapsulation, under concrete slab and foundations, and through inner walls and ceilings is imperative. Preventing moisture build-up in these areas is extremely important for the success of the projects, so it’s crucial to use the most durable material. Additionally, reinforced plastic sheeting will ensure your site meets ASTM E96 requirements and compliance. This includes staying in line with the evaluation, testing, and performance requirements the organization holds all construction materials, processes, and projects to. 


Abatement Containment

In abatement projects, it’s crucial to have an airtight containment system to prevent the spread of contaminants like mold, asbestos, soot and other harmful pollutants. This protects not only the people working in those areas but also nearby locations on the worksite. Other non-reinforced materials lack the requirements to meet the minimum standards in abatement containment; if those materials rip or tear during construction, it can put the project at risk. 


Temporary Liners and Covers

During short-term projects, sites use reinforced plastic sheeting as temporary liners and covers. In these instances, it’s important to have a reliable material that protects your projects from excessive heat and UV exposure.


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